Reader Comments

“I am writing for two reasons. The first one is that I want to tell you that I have read A Voice of Her Own many times and it never fails to speak to me on a profound level. I am in the process of rereading it for the first time in about 10 years and it is such familiar territory, and yet, still contains revelations. I should say here that I very rarely read a book more than once. I think A Gift from the Sea is the only one I've read maybe as much as yours. Thank you for what I can only imagine was a tremendous effort. It has truly been a lantern in my darkest hours, and now, a companion in my joy.”  (FK)

“Your books are excellent, truly among my favourites. I have just finished reading Simple Days for the second time. The first time I read it in a long gulping binge; this time I’ve savoured and underlined and reflected on many phrases and whole paragraphs that deeply resonate with my own life. I was encouraged to find another woman who has embraced the simple pleasure of this life: love of family, good home cooking, and living each day following your heart’s desire and passion. Your book is unique because it dramatizes the elements of a successful life. It isn’t a “how-to” book, but one remarkable woman’s life laid bare for all of us to see. I admire your courage to keep your own vision at the core of your life, not allowing yourself to be blinded by what other people expect of you. Your writing style is inspiring and beautiful, and I wish you many more full and lovely simple days to come! Thank you so much for your spirit that speaks through your pages and for doing this writing.”  (LB)