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Autumn Weekend and One Day Intensives

Marlene Creates the Sacred Space

Our cathedral souls
soar and explore - shadows, windows, 
and lives illumined.

Source and Flowering

In the warm home the
Tree of life anchors journeys
of brave minds and hearts.
— Haiku by Jane Thom

Occasionally I offer One Day and Weekend Writing Intensives on a variety of themes, to help jumpstart, inspire, and deepen writing. 

“Marlene invites us to writing spaces where heart and soul are celebrated, private safe havens where gifts of self insight regularly occur. Her knowledge and wisdom gently nudge us to explore our own voices. Since I retired, she has been one of my guiding stars. Thank you Marlene for another gracious and generous weekend. I feel energized, as if I can now move forward with my writing.” (JC) 


“A Life Truly Lived: The Work of Marion Woodman”

A 2-Day Body Soul Writing Intensive
November 14 & 15, 2019

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“A Life Truly Lived: The Work of Marion Woodman” | Body Soul Writing Workshop with Marlene Schiwy

Writing in Europe 


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Previous Workshops in Europe

Past Participants have commented...

  • This workshop exceeded my expectations in all respects. Writing in a beautiful, quiet, exotic setting in a medieval village created a unique and memorable experience. This course has been a life changing experience for me that will stay with me always. I thank you for this.

  • The handouts were extremely rich – a veritable feast of stimulation.

  • I loved writing in Yvonne’s house with the ancient stones all around us and I loved the wonderful French breakfasts. Thank you for your warm hospitality, Yvonne.

  • Marlene's rock solid leadership, kindness, compassion, and wisdom during every session is a living example of matrix. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

  • This was a wonderful and relaxing week of looking within and seeing beauty and delight within and around us.

  • This workshop gave me renewed inspiration for the creative process and so much more. Thank you.

University of British Columbia (UBC)

I have been teaching at UBC’s Writing Centre since 2000, including workshops in Non-fiction Book Writing, Journal Writing, Autobiography and Memoir, Archetypal Autobiography and Memoir, and Body Soul Writing.