Point Grey Summer Writing Intensives


Weeklong Intensives take place in July and offer participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in their creative process.

Topics include the Lyric Essay, Special Jungian Topics (e.g. Working with Dreams and Active Imagination, Marion Woodman and the Conscious Feminine), and Archetypal Autobiography and Memoir.

Only the images by which we live can bring transformation. Each of us has a well of images within, which are the saving reality and from which may be born the individual myth carrying the meaning of a life.
— Helen Luke

Participant Reflections

“Marlene is an extraordinary instructor – exceptionally gifted at weaving her depth and breadth of knowledge into a form that brings out the best in each student and in the group. She is the master of group process. She is totally in tune with a rhythm of learning that is optimal for each learner. Each activity builds on and complements the other. Marlene is an inspiring teacher in every way. Her teaching is truly transformative.”  (JG)

Three Haiku
Colour vibrates here
Around the creatures softly
One green field of peace
Water, mountains, trees,
At home in this green heaven
You can move with joy
Trees on the skyline
Restore the weary creatures
No one feels alone
— Marlene Schiwy

“This class provided a lovely, quiet, respectful place to explore. Marlene’s grace and quiet presence created a safe environment in which to explore the themes of Marion Woodman’s work. I can’t believe how much we packed into those five days. Hearing my own voice was healing and listening to others was fascinating. The general discussion connected us all. This has been a transformational experience for me. I thought it would be a good week but it far exceeded my expectations. Bravo to Marlene and to all who showed up.”  (CM)

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop this week on the lyric essay. It was a joy to be in your beautiful home with the summer breeze flowing through, along with the group of hard-working writers. Your talks, the marvelous poems you read, and the soft gentle way you reached out and encouraged each of us was heartfelt. All in all, it was an inspirational experience.”  (BMW)

"I was so pleased to get the opportunity to explore dreams for a full week. It helped to solidify the information and experiences that Marlene had touched on in other workshops I had attended with her. Having the time to practice the process of dream work and hear other people's dreams took my ability to work with my own dreams to a much deeper level. As in all the workshops I have attended with Marlene I am so appreciative of her depth of knowledge, ability to create safe, compassionate environments in which to do this important work and her exceptional skills as facilitator."   (AM)

“This is the third summer in a row that I have travelled all the way from Toronto to Vancouver to take courses with Marlene. She possesses a unique set of skills that I couldn’t find anywhere else in Canada – a background in writing, an extensive knowledge of Jungian concepts including the work of prominent Jungians like Marion Woodman, and a gift for teaching both. I particularly love courses that involve dream work and personal symbols and archetypes. Working with Marlene allowed me to access creativity in a unique and powerful way. I highly recommend the workshops that she runs from her beautiful home by the ocean.”  (SA)

“After a hectic start to our July, I attended Marlene's calm, contemplative dream workshop which grounded and centred me. Marlene's sensitivity, knowledge and pacing all made this experience an especially enriching one. Thank you, Marlene!”  (JC)