One on One
Consultation and Mentoring


Private Sessions

Marlene offers individual consultation and Body Soul Writing mentoring to clients who want to deepen their writing practice, develop a specific writing project, explore dreams and active imagination, or reflect on their own individuation journey. Her approach is grounded in C. G. Jung’s depth psychology, Marion Woodman’s work on the Conscious Feminine, James Hillman’s exploration of the image, and Helen Luke’s love of story.

If you would like to schedule a private session, please contact Marlene for available openings.

Please note: Currently I do not offer ongoing counseling or therapy. However, if that seems to be the next step for you, I will gladly refer you to experienced professional colleagues who are accepting new clients.

If you want to go your individual way it is the way you make for yourself, which is never prescribed, which you do not know in advance, and which simply comes into being of itself when you put one foot in front of the other. If you always do the next thing that needs to be done, you will go most safely and surefootedly along the path prescribed by your unconscious.
— Carl G. Jung

The making of soul-stuff calls for dreaming, fantasying, imagining. To live psychologically means to imagine things; to be in touch with soul means to live in sensuous connection with fantasy. To be in soul is to experience the fantasy in all realities and the basic reality of fantasy.
— James Hillman


“It's wonderful to hear that you are making the combination of coursework and one-to-one consultation available to others. I truly treasured our time together and found it an invaluable experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and the chance to interact with the rest of the group. The added bonus of creating images was an unexpected and greatly appreciated highlight for me, as the images deepened my writing. The individual sessions were the perfect complement, allowing the chance to hear and embody my writer's voice. I can't say enough good things about what a treasure and gift it has been to work with you!”  (GD)

“I want to thank you so much for all that you so generously gave me during my recent trip to Canada - our individual sessions and the blessing of the retreat at Loon Lake. Thanks to your encouragement and support and that of other members of the group too, I travelled home full of optimism about my writing project, feeling more confident about my creative life than I have ever done. I was very touched by the amount of time you put in to thinking about my writing and graciousness with which you made so many helpful suggestions. I have now had time to think about those in detail and am still playing with them as I move forward with the new writing which is going ahead swimmingly. I feel very fortunate to have you in the background as my writing mentor.”  (LH)