Caravan Workshops and Seminars


Caravan –
“A company of travelers, merchants, or pilgrims, traveling together for safety, as through a desert”


We are all travelers and pilgrims wandering along our journey through life, on the way to somewhere that feels like home - often in solitude, sometimes in loneliness, and occasionally in the blessed company of other travelers. In recognition of the companionship and safety we offer each other along the way, of the fact that this community of travelers knows no national boundaries, and that these workshops and seminars travel wherever they are welcome, I have chosen the name Caravan Workshops and Seminars.

Upcoming Workshops 

Wild Women Writing Circles
Begin Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Body Soul Writing Retreat
March 12-16, 2018

Jung in the Yurt
April 14 & 15, 2018

Women wander, in themselves or in the world, to locate the places where they feel at home.
— Nor Hall
Unconsciousness needs the eye of consciousness; consciousness needs the energy of the unconscious. Writing allows that interchange to take place.
— Marion Woodman
The lure of wild and nomadic freedom has never left us, any of us. It is in our lungs, breathing in freedom, in our eyes, hungry for horizons, and in our feet, itching for the open road. Its call has never lost its power; wanderlust is with us still, the desire for the open road, to be Gypsy, tramp and bird of passage; we are wayfarers all.
— Jay Griffiths